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Diabetes and complications

Diabetes and complications

Everyone is aware of diabetes. But Ever given thought regarding complications of this disease. Why your doctor keeps insisting you to control your blood glucose and set goal for your target HbA1c. Had diabetes free from complications probably we would not have paid so much attention to this disease, though complications arising out of diabetes is very common and so dreadful that only prevention remain the best way. Unfortunately, once complication arises we don’t have very good treatment for same and these complications can not be reversed. Most of these complication affect your mobility and quality of life other than decrease your productive life years. Here we will briefly discuss complication arising out of diabetes:


Coronary artery disease:


CAD is one of the most common complication arising out of diabetes and almost 40 to 50% of patient admitted with CAD are diabetics.




Chances of developing stroke increases almost doubled if person is diabetic.


Peripheral artery disease:


This one of the most dreaded complication for any diabetic and most of patient with amputation in diabetics have PAD.


Kidney diseases:


Fortunately, we can diagnose kidney disease at very early onset and it is mandatory for everyone to get their creatinine and urine micro albumin done to recognize it at early stage.




Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading cause of blindness in developed countries. Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy comes very late hence yearly fundus examination is must to avoid stages where treatment becomes difficult.




Diabetes is leading cause of peripheral neuropathy and in long run leads to foot ulcer and amputation if neglected. Yearly foot examination by your doctor and daily foot examination by you is must to avoid ulcers.


Other common complications are erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, alternating diarrhea and constipation, skin infections, recurrent boils.


Hence its prudent to take care of diabetes by diet, exercise, and regular medications as per doctor to avoid these long term complications.


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